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LA Profession

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects are experts at designing natural inner-city and rural spaces, using clever building techniques to maximize people’s benefits from natural landscapes.  They are trained to deal with engineering issues like drainage while having a deep understanding of plants and their impact on people and environments.  They also have a clear sense of how people use and move through spaces and can design sites that are a pleasure to be in while also meeting your functional needs. 


Additionally, landscape architects are uniquely positioned to bridge disciplines that must collaborate as we roll out sustainable solutions for our children’s future.


In Ontario, those using the title of landscape architect must be full members of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects.  The OALA was created in 1968 and is a self-regulating professional association, guided by the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Act 1984. 

In order to achieve full membership candidates must have the minimum educational credentials, pass a set of four prescribed Landscape Architectural Registration Exams (LARE), and must complete a peer-reviewed Professional Development Program for a specified number of years. A mandatory continuing education program then ensures credentials remain current and relevant to today’s society. 


Common areas of practise for landscape architects includes, but is not limited to:

  • Landscape Design

  • Land Development Planning

  • Landscape Master Planning

  • Park and Recreation Planning

  • Site Planning

  • Urban Design

  • Specialty Areas of Practice

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